Hiresh Bremanand

/ஹிரேஷ் பிரேமானந்த்/

Tech/AI enthusiast, Programmer, Freelancer

Interested in creating tech for the better. Pitiless on the past and optimistic about the future.


I have an idea, and I build it!


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Job Agency Website

Job recruitement agency site, built using Next.js and TailwindCSS. Deployed on Netlify.

Immigration Services

Built using Wix website builder. Login feature along with Blogs section implemented. Contact form integrated at bottom.

Other Projects...

All my projects are posted on my Github. Pull the repos, if you like them, star it! Any issues with the recent repos? Let me know.



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Build your Next.js App

Responsive UI/UX applications built with precision. SEO-friendly apps to upgrade your google rankings.


Have a startup idea? Lets collaborate and have fun building!


Interested in learning tech and programming but have no experience at all? Let me help you get started!


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Custom Website

"Absolutely Brilliant, I will be recommending him to my friends!."

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Client on Fiverr

Custom Website

"I recently had a website created by an exceptionally talented developer. The website not only met but exceeded my expectations, showcasing a perfect blend of design and functionality."

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Small business